In the 1800s, men like Claude Monet and Eduard Manet scaled the streets of Paris, giving birth to the vision of the Impressionist movement in Art. They captured the sights and sounds of the city, from the gritty train station of St. Lazare to the posh and polished iron balconies that we all associate with that city. 

Of course this is not all they are known for; but as a city slicker myself I can understand the draws (and draw-BACKS) to being an artist in a frenetic urban scene. Since painting is my passion, this blog was developed as an outlet to share the art (an Fashion) scene developing in my city. Whether its the well known halls of the Metropolitan Museum, or an up and coming gallery in Chelsea, my goal is to entice the reader with the quirky, the misplaced, and the outright beautiful artwork that are nestled within this concrete jungle and beyond!

Happy Art Hunting!


You can find more of my work at Pelfusion Magazine and Artists Inspire Artists.
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