Monday, September 24, 2018

9/11 Memorial Museum - Relics and Tributes

As an artist and native New Yorker, its common knowledge that this city's art scene has never had a problem voicing opinions. On anything. Whether its the political unrest in the middle east, the water shortage in India, or any other international concern, artists of New York City carry with them a freedom to voice their two cents on the matter. During a recent (and timely) visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum, I had the privilege of viewing not only the relics of this sad and tide-shifting event, but also the incredible national and international outpouring of artistic support and remembrance for this city, the United States, and the peoples whose lives it irrevocably changed.

The curators of this memorial space and museum took the time to integrate different art pieces, such as the re-sculpted steel quote from Virgil and the watercolor "September Sky" squares, to allow the space to provide a narrative of many voices at once. 

The artwork exhibited within the space reflects the different backgrounds of the people who offered it. One such example is the Massai tribe of Tanzania; whose artistic tribute depicts the American flag and the towers intertwined with images of white and red brown cows. This is indicative of the tribes support for the American people during this time.

 While the admissions ticket to the museum was a hefty 26 dollars (unless you go on Tuesday evenings, when admission is free 5pm to closing), I appreciated the beauty, variety, and sobriety of this multi-media arts memorial. I would further propose that this museum effectively shows the widespread impact that this event has on our world. So if your ever in the city, wear your best walking shoes and come and visit this unforgettable space.

For more info. on the 9/11 Memorial, please visit the website here.

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