Sunday, September 10, 2017

Contemporary Art at the MARTa Herford Museum - Germany

As a New Yorker, I have had the opportunity to view museums with a wide variety of artists and influences. However, every exhibit I see is (naturally) filtered through an American point of view. Recently I have had the extraordinary experience of seeing whats going on in the European sector of the contemporary art movement first hand. Whether you are an art lover or just interested in seeing something new, the MARTa Herford Museum (in Herford, Germany) always has exhibits of current artists gracing its lovely halls. You may not 'get' or appreciate everything you see, but the effort and aesthetics put in to the visitors experience (the building itself is a "Deconstructivist" masterpiece) makes this a museum worth visiting. And they have free cocktails every Tuesday. 


 Tuesday evenings at the museum are always free at the MARTa, which is good for any traveler, shoestring budget or not! I was able to view two new exhibits: Mix it Pop Music and Video Art and Suspended Territories. You can read more about the exhibits background here.

'Mix it' was a compilation of sound isolating rooms and head phone attachments with music in connection to different art pieces. The above images are from artist Doug Aitken's "Song 1".

 The second exhibit, suspended Territories, compiles all types of media. From photography, videos, to mass sculptures, each artist adds to a discussion of identity. While either of these exhibits may or may not be your cup of tea, because there are so many artists exhibited, you very well may find something that you like hidden within it. Its also a great opportunity to get into a discussion with museum educators stationed in
 the museum to enrich the experience with the art. Also, the rooms were massive! There was so much "breathing" room between the pieces, which was great because the viewer is able to differentiate between each conversation presented.

The lobby alone is a lot of fun for an visitor. The chairs are a combined interactive sculpture. After viewing so many interesting works, you might be inspired to leave your mark on the world. The museum leaves a set of oil pastels and art paper in its lobby so that you can at least leave your mark at the museum. For a short time. My friend left the mouse.

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