Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Seeing A Curious Hand at the Schwarzman Library

For anyone who was unable to visit A Curios Hand at the Schwarzman Library this February, fret not! Here is a recap of what was shown, all without the discomfort of leaving your easy chair (or other beloved furniture piece). 

Walking into the Schwarzman building is like entering the Metropolitan Museum. The historical inspired domes ceilings, crenelated moldings, and vaulting pillars transported me far far away from the dirty, slushed up street outside.

 There are so many exhibits and reference rooms in this library/museum/archive/themepark (not really, the security guards WILL throw you out if you try sliding down the marble staircase). The print exhibit was on the third floor and spanned two rectangular rooms. The most striking thing is that.... the walls were RED. RED RED. I had to laugh. Between the ambiance and the title of the exhibit, you would have thought it was about a grisly murder mystery and not fine art! I liked it anyway, so kudos to the curator.

 As the sign discusses above; the exhibit was organized by presenting comparative works. Since Honore helped stimulate his artistic style by interpreting master pieces, like that of Rembrandt, the library coupled his prints with the originals for viewers to compare side by side (which was really cool). Of course, there were so many original works, reflecting the avid curiosity of the artist and an unceasing desire to depict the world, wild and domesticated!

One interesting find in the exhibit was Honore's original printers license! Visitors not only were able to see the completed works, but also works in progress, sketchbooks, and the stories behind the work. I will definitely be going back for another free exhibit at the Schwarzman. 

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