Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Enchanting Glassware at the MET

Whoever thinks that there is no artistic beauty in utilitarian objects never spent a Saturday roaming around Homegoods. Well, thanks to the high opinion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's curators, the elegance and form of glassware has made its stamp on the art world. After all, if it wasn't so interesting, they could've left it in the archives, right?

Walking around the balcony in the American Wing, I found hundreds of unique and varying votives, bottles, decanters, tea cups, vases....phew....the list goes on and on. I loved the artistic choices that the artisans made for each bottle. I can almost imagine them brainstorming in their workshops, saying to themselves, 'how can we make this product unique, eye catching, and memorable?' 

Growing up, my grandmother's house was almost like a museum. She had glassware everywhere! I remember tracing the curves in the textured surfaces (not that I was supposed to touch it *wink*). It amazes me how craftsman can take something so molten hot and form it so distinctively, with geometric shapes, swirls, and contrasting colors. It can be considered nothing but art in my book. No Bauhaus simplicity for me!


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