Thursday, January 21, 2016

VFFT Week 19 - Young Husband: First Marketing by L.M. Spencer

This painting is probably the funniest discovery I've ever made during my haunts at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Make no mistake, its a beautiful work of art. However, I can feel the humor and witty nature of the artist, Lilly Martin Spencer, within each brush stroke. I love taking in the very real situation that she chose to portray. My mom tells me stories of how my dad's hands used to be so smooth when they got married. Only after years of carrying groceries and laundry; laboring at all the tasks it takes to run a family, did his hands become a little more calloused. He no longer drops any groceries, however.

Young Husband: First Marketing, 1854 Oil on Canvas Lilly Martin Spencer (1822- 1902) Taken by the NYC Impressionista @ the MET

Martin is a expert observer of human nature. After all, there is always someone watching and ready to laugh at a novices attempts at something new. I love how she gives our beloved mocker an umbrella; not just as a prop, but as an indicator of how frustrating the experience is for the young husband. Not only is he dropping the groceries, he is getting rained on in the process!

All in all, its a vibrant and dynamic work that always makes me smile when I'm lucky enough to pass it by. I know the poor guy will get the hang of it eventually (*wink*).

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