Monday, December 7, 2015

VFFT Week 18 - Holiday Windows at Ralph Lauren!

 If there is one thing that makes me gravitate to the upper east side, its the window displays on Madison Avenue. Without fail, Ralph Lauren always wins my approval, with its chic, yet artsy displays of fashion. Never mind that the building facade is gorgeous! It almost mirrors the ornate gilded frames over the paintings at the MET (which works well in this case). As for the mannequins, they remind me of the wind-up marionette dolls from the Nutcracker. There life like poses and well fitting ensembles allow them to interact perfectly within the artificial world the windows encase. 

I don't know what  like better in this photo; the window decor or the reflection of the city in the highly polished glass. It's interesting how a photo can transform and transpose meaning, proving what a great art form it is. Either way, so cool!

I also enjoyed seeing the installations in the children's store windows; which use more traditional colors and themes, such as strings of lights, stuffed bears, and snowy, gingerbread backdrops.

After viewing these windows, I was thoroughly inspired to go home and decorate my own apartment to the nines. I can't imagine why...


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