Monday, December 14, 2015

Imangi's Newest Artistic Success - Frozen Shadows

This week was the premiere of Temple Run 2's newest update, Frozen Shadows. As you can see from my earlier review of Temple Run: Oz, I am a huge fan of the digital art that makes up this fabulous genre of games. After almost two months of waiting, I was excited to finally get the update to my Kindle Fire (7in second generation). Now, as a gamer, I've become a bit cynical about game updates because they usually end up being less of a positive experience for me as a kindle owner than for other players on different platforms. However, this is definitely NOT the case for Frozen Shadows. It works like a perfectly oiled machine, even for us older device owners. NOTE: Concerning treasure chest/artifact pick-up; the developers haven't made a prize for gathering all the frozen shadows elements yet, but don't worry, they will! (they said on their Facebook page).

Now, onto the art review! I am pleased with three specific elements of the design. Firstly, the stone work. I appreciate the fact that the graphic designers took the time to impose interesting patterns and details into the  surroundings. It adds to the mystery and unspoken history of 'the run'. It makes me think Imangi could develop a whole slew of games within the 'Temple Run' story line outside of the game type and platforms they have now (hint, hint).

Second, the ice graphics during the sledding sections of the run. I always look forward to this part, particularly when you get past 10,000 meters. It becomes very challenging, with obstacles appearing every half second! The background imagery is gorgeous as well. It makes you feel like you really are far off in the alps, from where no human has ever returned.... (creepy but thrilling).

Thirdly, interactive elements, such as the scary monkey, falling tree branches, and rock avalanches that keep you on your toes! You can't imagine how many times I failed. While some players have complained about the bright and icy terrain, I like the challenge of 'running' on a road that teases you with hidden ice shelf's and snow covered boulders.

A word of advice for Kindle owners: Go through the app store to download your update (just search for the game and instead of giving you the option to buy, it will say "update" instead). I tried updating through the game and it kept on crashing. Also, turn off and on your device after the update. Only then did my app work perfectly. 

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