Sunday, October 18, 2015

VFFT Week 16 - Art on the A Line by Tom Otterness


Summer-time in the city brought me to different parts of the MTA that I never encountered before. Riding on the A line for the first time, I found myself catching a glimpse of these little fellows as my train pulled into the 14th Street station.

 Small, whimsical, pudgy (yes, I said pudgy) statuettes depict commonplace figures, such as a grimacing police woman, an officer (guarding a ball of tin foil), a homeless man sleeping under the stairway (the statue was placed there deliberately, I should think) and many more.

As I walked by these figures, I found myself thinking back to my high school history class. These figures look a lot like the cartoon newspaper drawings of the late 1800- early 1900s depicting the bankers and politicians of the Gilded Age, like Boss Tweed. Here is a comparison below:
Pic Credit: Richard Panse

What a great surprise to stumble on in the subway! It almost....almost.....makes up for the heat and lack of personal space on the train. Click on Mr. Money bags above to see more of this great art installation!

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