Monday, April 13, 2015

Visual Food For Thought Week 14- Long Live New York

So, this is definitely some food for thought, particularly for my fellow New Yorkers. Actually, its thought provoking no matter where you live, but this work uses the location and need-based imagery of NYC.

I love artwork that has a hand in the real world. Short films, like the Paper Man, La Luna, and Long Live NYC, take the real world and turn into an emblematic, somewhat whimsical, experience. Whether its love, familial arguments, or a current PSA (public service announcement), these works never loose their luster on film. I first heard about the film when I saw an advertizement for it on a Metro North train going downtown (Even in our tech-obsessed generation, sometimes paper and ink is still better).

So now without further ado, here is this wonderful short about how the people of New York matter as much as its icons!


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