Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Paintings on Etsy

So, as the city once more warms it bones in the throws of spring, my desire to paint has come back as well. Like all artists and writers, the changing of seasons has a strong effect on what I am inspired to make. I have added four beautiful works to my "Midnight Letters" series in Passeridae Americanus, my Etsy shop. Here is a peak below of what I have been doing this spring!

boy, do I wish I could have more cat naps!

Remember, all my work is below 20 dollars USD and a unique and special gift idea for you friends, colleagues, and family! Look on my site, and if you would like a custom painting made, let me know! Maybe you would like the cat asleep on a letter F, or the inside color neon orange instead? Customizations are always the best part of having a shop. It keeps the creativity alive!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

App Art Favorites - Dragon Story

Team Lava studios are known for there fun and vibrant apps. Games such as Dragon Story and Bubble Mania completely envelope the player in atmospheric music, simulation game play, and a social network of safe and helpful 'neighbors' that love the game as much as you do (a BIG selling point for me)!

Dragon story in particular is an app that I started about three years ago and haven't stopped loving all this time. Like Oregon Trail: American Settlers, the app is cloud protected (at least on kindles), so I have been able to stop and start where I left off as many times as I need, without the fear of loosing my data.

Another plus is, it's the sort of game that you can play with or without social connections. By joining gaming groups on Facebook, or looking up discussion boards, a player can find other players willing to have neighbors and start getting connected. The positive about this buddy system is that no information can be passed from one person to another. All dialogue and gifts are structured by pre-developed in-game options. Its safe for kids and adults.

Now about the artwork! This is what keeps me coming back. Dragon Story is a visual feast for the eyes. The entire game is based on the ongoing creativity of the developers. Dragons are offered in a variety of colors and designs, based off of things we see in the real world, as well as in folklore and fairy tales. See what I mean below!

While I have had an overall great experience with this game, there are a couple of things that get my goat. One, the amount of goals available are overwhelming. I can't keep track of all of them, so I have literally given up on any storyline prospects. Two, its sometimes difficult to move items around to the other surrounding islands. I hope they can fix those problems soon!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Visual Food For Thought Week 14- Long Live New York

So, this is definitely some food for thought, particularly for my fellow New Yorkers. Actually, its thought provoking no matter where you live, but this work uses the location and need-based imagery of NYC.

I love artwork that has a hand in the real world. Short films, like the Paper Man, La Luna, and Long Live NYC, take the real world and turn into an emblematic, somewhat whimsical, experience. Whether its love, familial arguments, or a current PSA (public service announcement), these works never loose their luster on film. I first heard about the film when I saw an advertizement for it on a Metro North train going downtown (Even in our tech-obsessed generation, sometimes paper and ink is still better).

So now without further ado, here is this wonderful short about how the people of New York matter as much as its icons!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

App Art Favorites- Temple Run: Oz

Whimsy Woods

As an artist, I love art that captures all things whimsical and out of this world. As a child I could get sucked into the world of the Wizard of Oz because of its incredibly bright colors and basic storyline; of a young girl who travels to a fantastical land where friends are found in uncanny forms and glittery shoes are a girls best weapon (I had a pair myself!)

When Disney came out with the film Oz, the Great and Powerful, I had a hard time believing it could do any justice to the original. I was pleasantly surprised, as the witty and fresh story line stayed true to the tale I grew up with, while allowing the land of Oz to show more sides of its bright and unique landscape. The game, Temple Run: Oz, does not disappoint. Its vibrant colors, keen details, and painterly transitions from region to region are breathtakingly executed. I actually saw the movie after experiencing the game, and loved how well knit together the two entities were. I felt like I was walking straight into the film every time I played the game. Now if ONLY they would develop the Chinatown (as in tea cup's). The Game currently allows you to run through Whimsy woods (where the film starts out), Darkwood Forest (where Oz meets Glenda for the first time, the Emerald City (does it need introductions??), and Winkie Country (where the Queen's guards and farmers live).

Portal From Whimsy
Portal coming into Darkwood

 The portal transition as you go from place to place is probably my favorite visual aspect of the game, and the BEST transition yet in all the Temple Run games (I've played them all). Its very atmospheric and smoothly seems the scenes together. All in all a very magical gaming experience. Thank you Disney and Imangi!

Darkwood Forest
Hot Air Balloon in Whimsy Woods

For more info on this game, its availability, and others in connection with Imangi Studios, please see here!

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