Thursday, March 26, 2015

Etsy Shop Update- Poster Art

Besides gaming (and sharing about it), I have been making efforts to expand my offerings on my Etsy shop, Passeridae Americanus . One of the most wonderful reasons for having said shop is because it gives me an outlet for all my creative ideas. I happen to be one of those terrible "let me make a series" sort of artists. Its another way of saying "there are way too many ways this could go, and I just don't feel like making a direct choice". Well, Etsy was made for artists like me. It gives us a structure with which to positively share our oddity.

My newest series of work is called "The Four Seasons Ballet Club". Unlike "Midnight Letters", the media I chose was not painting, but rather digital illustration. I loved the process of sketching, redrawing, coloring, and then digitally rendering these works. There are currently four works to this series. What I love the most about my selling options is that I can offer these pieces for a more-than-reasonable price because they are high quality downloads! This means that you receive the image the moment your order is processed AND if you want customizations, they are more efficiently done. Here is an excerpt of the series below.

Like my previous offerings (which are still available), these piece are whimsical in nature, with bright colors to emphasize life and movement. If you like these works, we now have a board on Pinterest to share from!


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