Monday, March 16, 2015

App Art Favorites- Oregon Trail: American Settler

So....This is by far the most long lived app on my android. There are a few reasons for that, but the most obvious is that EVERY single detail in this game is gorgeous! Now, this might not be a not a correct art term (for those who care), but its necessary. There are no rough edges to this app. Whether it is a small dog wagging its tail, or a cottage with a slatted roof and clam-shell trimming, every aspect of its design is quaint and visually appetizing. Here are some close-ups!

(You can definitely tell I'm from NYC, with my built in love for the grid system!)

(Personally; I feel that the game shots on the game developers sight do not give  it justice, but, hey, that's just me. )

Ever had that moment when you accidentally hit 'uninstall' ? O have I ever. But not with this baby! Another positive point is, you don't have to always have the game downloaded to your device. While not all of Gameloft's games are "cloud protected", this one happens to have that advantage. I started my game around two years ago, and have been able to keep my data history this entire time. 

As an artist and gamer, what I love most about Oregon Trail: A S is its uniqueness. Every character and object in this game adds something different. You don't just build up a generic looking town, you make a quirky and eclectic little mix of houses, props, and  personal touches that make it unlike that of anyone else playing the game. It really is YOUR little town to make and expand the way you want to. The story line's are quick and interesting too. You can relax, but never get too bored. Just when you think this game has given all it could, the developers add a new aspect to its Americana charm. Keep it going, Gameloft!

For more info on this game and its device availability, click here. (P.S- Its free!)


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