Sunday, March 8, 2015

App Art Favorites - Intro

I'll be the first one to admit...I spend WAY too much time on my Kindle. Its my own little guilty pleasure that allows me to channel my inner Alice (as in THE Alice of Wonderland). I step through the screen and into the gorgeous, artistic world of games. Whether I want to travel into the old wild west or Middle Earth, all I have to to is tap an app and...WOOSH! Off I go, through the looking glass that is my Kindle screen.

I realized, to my own chagrin, that as an artist I should be making the art work in these games rather then spending all my time indulging in them. Its an exciting idea; my very own real world adventure...but while I'm scouring employment sites for internships and job openings, why don't I take some time and share my favorite 'App Art'. I'll also let you know which devices each one is currently available on, just in case you get a craving for some gaming (wink).

hmm... which one will I pick first???? Oregon trails: American Settler here we come! And if your too excited already, check out my post on Monument Valley!

note: All images in this post are property of Amazon marketplace, used for the purpose of sharing. All product images here-in will be from screen shots and press kits as offered and allowed by the game distributor.


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