Wednesday, March 25, 2015

App Art Favorites- Around the World in 80 Days

Well, for starters, Playrix Entertainment has its own particular style when it comes to game graphics and illustration. Everything, whether its a button, object, or character, has a three dimensional quality to it; making the game/gamer interaction almost palpable.I have a couple of games by them in my "App Art" Favorites.

The game which I will be highlighting in this post is "Around the World in 80 Days".

Now, I'm not usually one for Match 3 games. I find them to slow paced; but Playrix did a great job with this one! They weave the game together with some level-to-level 'artifact' finds and a classically inspired storyline. As a hard core classics lover myself, I must warn potential players: this is NOT a completely faithful interpretation of the book by the same name. Personally, though, I thought that the use of the story was tasteful and light-hearted, so no artistic abuse was done. Here are some shots of the games!

My most favorite visual throughout the game was the International Stamps! As the player reached the final level of each country, they can help Phileas Fogg (English gentleman and world explorer) put together a stamp of the country as proof of his travel.  What a great way to incorporate a key aspect to the story.

I love how almost... edible... the color schemes are. Whether you are experiencing there games on PC game or Android (and I have done both), you will be blown away by the rich quality of  the 'visual experience'. For more information on this game and its android availabilities, please click here!


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