Thursday, March 26, 2015

Etsy Shop Update- Poster Art

Besides gaming (and sharing about it), I have been making efforts to expand my offerings on my Etsy shop, Passeridae Americanus . One of the most wonderful reasons for having said shop is because it gives me an outlet for all my creative ideas. I happen to be one of those terrible "let me make a series" sort of artists. Its another way of saying "there are way too many ways this could go, and I just don't feel like making a direct choice". Well, Etsy was made for artists like me. It gives us a structure with which to positively share our oddity.

My newest series of work is called "The Four Seasons Ballet Club". Unlike "Midnight Letters", the media I chose was not painting, but rather digital illustration. I loved the process of sketching, redrawing, coloring, and then digitally rendering these works. There are currently four works to this series. What I love the most about my selling options is that I can offer these pieces for a more-than-reasonable price because they are high quality downloads! This means that you receive the image the moment your order is processed AND if you want customizations, they are more efficiently done. Here is an excerpt of the series below.

Like my previous offerings (which are still available), these piece are whimsical in nature, with bright colors to emphasize life and movement. If you like these works, we now have a board on Pinterest to share from!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

App Art Favorites- Around the World in 80 Days

Well, for starters, Playrix Entertainment has its own particular style when it comes to game graphics and illustration. Everything, whether its a button, object, or character, has a three dimensional quality to it; making the game/gamer interaction almost palpable.I have a couple of games by them in my "App Art" Favorites.

The game which I will be highlighting in this post is "Around the World in 80 Days".

Now, I'm not usually one for Match 3 games. I find them to slow paced; but Playrix did a great job with this one! They weave the game together with some level-to-level 'artifact' finds and a classically inspired storyline. As a hard core classics lover myself, I must warn potential players: this is NOT a completely faithful interpretation of the book by the same name. Personally, though, I thought that the use of the story was tasteful and light-hearted, so no artistic abuse was done. Here are some shots of the games!

My most favorite visual throughout the game was the International Stamps! As the player reached the final level of each country, they can help Phileas Fogg (English gentleman and world explorer) put together a stamp of the country as proof of his travel.  What a great way to incorporate a key aspect to the story.

I love how almost... edible... the color schemes are. Whether you are experiencing there games on PC game or Android (and I have done both), you will be blown away by the rich quality of  the 'visual experience'. For more information on this game and its android availabilities, please click here!

Friday, March 20, 2015

VFFT Week 13 - Making Starry Night by Stella Ebner

Stella Ebner, Making Starry Night, 2013, Silkscreen on japanese paper, edition of 5
So this is probably not what you were thinking of when you saw the title, right? I have to give Stella Ebner credit for her creative spin on an age old favorite like Van Gogh's 'Starry Night'. When I saw it at the IPCNY (International Print Center New York) a year and a half ago, I had to laugh because I have been in this exact predicament myself (only it was with a Monet instead). Its when you lay back on the couch (or the floor) and think, "What the heck was I thinking?!" It always pays off in the end, though, when that last piece clicks into place. Its almost as if you yourself where 'making' the real thing.

Still, Ebner has more then just great narrative to this piece. Her use of warm-toned pigments plays with the idea of "summer siesta"; when the mid-day sun swoops boldly into the room, resting on the smooth, laminated surface of each puzzle piece. Somehow, they become just too sticky to pick up, don't you think? Suddenly, the soft, dry fabric of the pillow becomes more interesting, and you doze off into a swirling dream and a summer snooze.

Sigh... it's all I've been thinking about since the snow started falling this morning. The summer heat and the opportunity to do absolutely nothing.

Monday, March 16, 2015

App Art Favorites- Oregon Trail: American Settler

So....This is by far the most long lived app on my android. There are a few reasons for that, but the most obvious is that EVERY single detail in this game is gorgeous! Now, this might not be a not a correct art term (for those who care), but its necessary. There are no rough edges to this app. Whether it is a small dog wagging its tail, or a cottage with a slatted roof and clam-shell trimming, every aspect of its design is quaint and visually appetizing. Here are some close-ups!

(You can definitely tell I'm from NYC, with my built in love for the grid system!)

(Personally; I feel that the game shots on the game developers sight do not give  it justice, but, hey, that's just me. )

Ever had that moment when you accidentally hit 'uninstall' ? O have I ever. But not with this baby! Another positive point is, you don't have to always have the game downloaded to your device. While not all of Gameloft's games are "cloud protected", this one happens to have that advantage. I started my game around two years ago, and have been able to keep my data history this entire time. 

As an artist and gamer, what I love most about Oregon Trail: A S is its uniqueness. Every character and object in this game adds something different. You don't just build up a generic looking town, you make a quirky and eclectic little mix of houses, props, and  personal touches that make it unlike that of anyone else playing the game. It really is YOUR little town to make and expand the way you want to. The story line's are quick and interesting too. You can relax, but never get too bored. Just when you think this game has given all it could, the developers add a new aspect to its Americana charm. Keep it going, Gameloft!

For more info on this game and its device availability, click here. (P.S- Its free!)

Sunday, March 8, 2015

App Art Favorites - Intro

I'll be the first one to admit...I spend WAY too much time on my Kindle. Its my own little guilty pleasure that allows me to channel my inner Alice (as in THE Alice of Wonderland). I step through the screen and into the gorgeous, artistic world of games. Whether I want to travel into the old wild west or Middle Earth, all I have to to is tap an app and...WOOSH! Off I go, through the looking glass that is my Kindle screen.

I realized, to my own chagrin, that as an artist I should be making the art work in these games rather then spending all my time indulging in them. Its an exciting idea; my very own real world adventure...but while I'm scouring employment sites for internships and job openings, why don't I take some time and share my favorite 'App Art'. I'll also let you know which devices each one is currently available on, just in case you get a craving for some gaming (wink).

hmm... which one will I pick first???? Oregon trails: American Settler here we come! And if your too excited already, check out my post on Monument Valley!

note: All images in this post are property of Amazon marketplace, used for the purpose of sharing. All product images here-in will be from screen shots and press kits as offered and allowed by the game distributor.

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