Monday, January 26, 2015

Taking Flight on Etsy

As an artist, I've always loved to learn and study how to make art, but its even more exciting to finally introduce a small part of my own vision into the world...through my new Etsy shop"Passeridae Americanus"!

I have personally created a new series called "Midnight Letters". These small paintings will capture the eye and imagination of anyone with a love of whimsy and nostalgia. Each piece depicts the letter of a name, within the environment of starry skies and friendly creatures.

My inspiration for these pieces comes from the stories my mother used to tell my sister and I as children. Each night I would rush through brushing my teeth and putting on pajamas (most times on backwards) just so we could delve, hand in hand, into the adventures of Lucy, Susan, Peter and Edmund; Paddington, the Runaway Bunny, and so much more! Here s a little taste of what I'm talking about.

Each piece is hand made with care, as I make my way down the alphabet and memory lane. In a months time,  I will be open to custom orders as well, depending on the letter and design desired by the buyer. Please leave your reviews and comments, either here on the blog, on the shop, or on my new Facebook page here.


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