Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Game Any Artist Would Love- Monument Valley

Have you ever wanted to walk through a painting? How about the illustrations in a story book? Well, about two weeks ago my lovely sister introduced me to a game that lets you do just that...Monument Valley!

This masterpiece of a game is a mix of beauty and brains, giving the player a feast for the eyes. As you go through the levels, you stretch and twist your perspective as you guide the "silent princess" within the 1- 2- and 3-dimensions that make up each scene.  

Another interesting aspect of the game is that it all feels so intricate and small in stature, like the inside of a Faberge egg. Its so flawlessly made that you could play the game for hours without realizing it. Each level is designed with rich colors and patterns reminiscent of Asian and Mideastern art and architecture. 



Every level leaves you excited to go on to next one, all of them unique and unexpected. So happy gaming and I hope you find some enjoyment in this little interactive piece of art work!

note: images are part of screen shots and press kit, which can be found at

This game is currently available for kindle fire HD and ipad. See it in action below!

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