Friday, November 28, 2014

Visual Food for Thought Week 11 - Paradise 13 by Thomas Struth

When I was a kid, I used to read these amazing picture books about a little girl who would walk through the pages of a book, straight into a different time and that I think about it, the girls name was Alice, but it wasn't wonderland she went to! 

Visiting this large scale exhibition of Thomas Struth's work at the Metropolitan Museum this week, I felt like I was able to become part of the art work. The quiet, mysterious nature of his photos was a welcome to the loud clanging of the city streets outside. This photo in particular, Paradise 13, depicts the Yakushima forest in Japan. Struth did an incredible job developing the rich contrasts, effectively showing the dark shadows of the trees, the rocks, the dirt. I feel like I can take off my books bag, leave my cares at the picture frame and take a nice, leisurely hike along a road less traveled.

Sigh... the problem was, Alice's mirror kept getting in the way. Oh, wait, it was the GLASS that the Met put the photos behind. It was so glossy that I had to mentally block out the image of the photo on the wall behind me that was being reflected over the work. I would have much preferred thirty yards of velvet rope and sirens to this. The work was great, but the curator really should have thought this one through. 

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