Saturday, March 22, 2014

VFFT week 8 - Arch of Nero by Thomas Cole

Arch of Nero (1846) Thomas Cole, oil painting

Ok, just take a minute and soak in those beautiful clouds and chiffon blue skyline. sigh... This painting reflects one of the most positive attributes of oncoming Spring. Yesterday was the very first day of Spring here in New York City, and the first thing I noticed walking out of my apartment building was the uncommon burst of light coming from over head. The sky was just as Cole depicted it here!

While the temperature has been teasing us with some token days of warmth now and again, the weather has been pretty frozen for the most part. Seeing the sky light up like that is a sure sign that we've shifted a little closer to the sun, and more bright days are a'commin. Only, instead of seeing the ruins of the Roman empire outside my door, I'll be seeing the subway station...either way, their both ancient (*wink*)...

Just to let you know, this art work is in Newark Museum, New Jersey, right here in the tri-state area. If your anywhere near it, its worth going out to see, along with all the other Cole paintings with it. This all American artist has a lot to offer the museum goer, and the internet surfer as well. While there is nothing compared to seeing a painting in person, take some time to look at some work online! It takes only a second and adds a little something interesting to a work or school day, and gives your brain a little TLC, too! Check out my Pinterest to see this work and many others of Master and Contemporary art.

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