Monday, January 20, 2014

Visual Food for Thought week 6 - Three Musicians (1921) by Picasso

When I was younger, one of the first "abstract" artists I ever learned about was Pablo Picasso. His work was both odd and exotic to me. Now that I am more developed as an artist myself, his work doesn't seem so alien and impenetrable. In fact, the cubist attributes of his paintings are both interesting as a subject matter and as a storytelling device to me now. Yes, learning to understand the meaning behind his abstraction methods has made Picasso a more esteemed artist in my own opinion.

Looking at the three musicians at the table, you can almost feel the music bouncing off of every angle, every pointed knee and squared off elbow. Look how they are all squeezed side by side, united as one entity, one object instead of three. How can they play when stuck together like that? It makes you think the music must be  quick, squeaky, sharp at times... a lively tune! Each man, mustached and debonair, giving his best performance, stuck in the middle of the frame.

This beautiful piece of work is currently at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


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