Monday, December 23, 2013

Visual Food for Thought week 4 - The Neapolitan and Baroque Crèche at the MET!
credit for photo: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Sigh.... every year, my family and I pull down our little apartment friendly Christmas tree, with all the ornaments, old and new, that we have gathered over the past fifteen or so odd years. Beneath our little tree is a nativity scene that we've had for the past few christmas's, a lot like the one we used to have when I was younger. I'm sure many of you have a similar set up in your own homes. It's safe to say that none of us has a set a grand and fantastic as the annual Christmas tree and crèche at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, here in NYC. 

The picture above can even begin to describe the atmosphere and beauty surrounding this historically rich composition. A lady by the name of Loretta Hines Howard started collecting baroque period crèche (nativity) figures in 1925, slowly building the most elaborate and regal set up for any nativity under a Christmas tree, at least here in the US. Set before medieval Spanish gates, angels in silk robes are posed delicately on the fringes of the tree, as the stage is filled with shepherds and sheep, as well as the traveling wise men, and many others. But, of course, at the center of the crèche is the infant Jesus Christ. 

If you are in the city this holiday season, the crèche will be exhibited until January 8th, and I highly recommend seeing it! Whether or not your interested in baroque art, this nativity will dazzle your eyes. 

So, Merry Christmas to everyone who's reading this post! I hope its given you some visual food for thought as you celebrate the holidays. What do you think of it? Please leave a comment, or a tweet or reply on twitter or facebook!

Even if you cant come in person to see the MET's nativity, here's a link to all the detailed pieces that are involved. They're pretty incredible!


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