Sunday, December 8, 2013

Visual Food For Thought- Week 3 A Banksy NYC original

Banksy, a UK bred and based artist, was recently in the papers for his temporary residency in NYC this year. While I haven't had the privilege of seeing his work in person, I need not look far to find a virtual copy. Web places like Pinterest are FULL of Banksy pics taken by people all over the world to share with...the world!

This work above feels like an overall symbol of his work here in NYC. He was trying to get his fingers on the pulse and heartbeat of the city and make an interesting comment or two on it. He uses a mixture of stencil and free hand graffiti to create a realistic figure in a two dimensional situation. The "doctor" here is standing on a ledge checking the heartbeat of a I love NY poster. All in all, this isn't the normal graffiti you see on city streets.


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