Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Plethora of Prints- Part 2 recap of the Prints Fair at the Armory

Going through the Prints Fair at the Armory, a person can seems almost lambasted by the dense variety of colors, styles, and sizes of the work that was presented. While I saw so much, I want to highlight two more works which really caught my eye!

Starting off with an oldie but goodie, I saw a print by Henri Matisse that shows the power of lines. This minimal portrait, entitled Patitcha souriante (1947, 13 X 10 inches), captures the essence of the woman's features. Her oval face, the long delicate bridge of her nose, her full lips; all with the stroke of a brush over aquatint. This meant that Matisse could reprint the same quick portrait as many times as he wished, with the same painterly quality to her features. This certainly shows that sometimes less is more!

This piece, also a portrait of similar composition, is full of light and color! The deep reds of the candy that make up her outfit dance festively in contrast the the light pallor of her skin. All in all it seems somewhat surreal to me. This five color lithograph, entitled Earrings, is by Will Cotton, and is around 40 X 30 inches in person. Its also far more richer in color than my picture shows!

By the end of my time at the fair, I felt as if I had gone through a ten course meal, tasting many different flavors and textures as I went along. While there is so much art out in the world, it can also be said that many diamonds can be found if you just take the time to sift through it all. I certainly had a fun time doing so! 


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