Thursday, November 21, 2013

Visual Food For Thought- Week 2 Shepherdess Seated on a Rock (1856) by Jean-François Millet

As Thanksgiving comes rushing 'round the corner, I find myself thinking about all the things that make me happy. That's why I chose this shepherdess for this weeks VFFT post. Jean-François Millet  is one of my favorite artists. His work always speaks to me of hard work, faith, and contentment in places of hardship.
I may not be a shepherdess in 19th century France, but I know it is (and was) a hard and dirty job. Yet the kindness in this women's face really touched me the first time I saw this painting at the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art). She is one of two Millet works I know to be exhibiting at the museum right now. The soft brush stroked that Millet used in making her shawl, apron, and skirt emphasizes the warmth and wooly texture of her clothing. The tall bushes behind her are like encompassing arms around her. Even the she look noble, with their heads bowed low to the ground.
It shows a kind moment in a hard place. I can not help but love it.


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