Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Visual Food for Thought- Week 1, The Large Cat by Cornelis Viccher


Starting this week, I will start posting VFFT posts, highlighting one piece that I would like to ruminate on. Whether it's thought provoking or just plain beautiful, take it as a mini museum visit to satisfy your art craving!

This week I would like to give pause for "The Large Cate" by Cornelis Viccher. This is an engraving (when an artist scoops out thin strips of metal from a plate to create lines, instead of etching them in with acid), which was made in the year 1657 by said Dutch artist. This means it was made during the time of the master artist Rembrandt van Rijn, and before the United States of America even existed!

What struck me about this piece is the warmth it gives of. I have just recently gotten into etching (another closely related form of printmaking), which is why I learned that EVERY LINE COUNTS. Whatever direction you make it in will either enhance or take away from the realism of your subject. This cat looks real enough to snuggle in your lap, so, bravo for Viccher! Although, I feel a little sorry for the mouse. It doesn't look like it has a chance getting past those soft paws of fury...

As for this cat, it currently resides in the National Art Gallery in Washington DC.


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