Monday, June 3, 2013

Anonymous Art Work in Manhattan

As I draw away from the poised and polished museum scene, I find the most under rated, interesting artwork along the streets of NYC. It makes me wish I had a mental digital camera, so I would never miss a chance to share it with someone else. While the artwork is not always beautiful, it always makes you stop and think. Who made this and why? Either way, as a viewer you can always come away with a deeper sense of the humanity you are a part of... if you look close enough.

While shopping for accessories down at 34th street last weekend (hey, jewelery is wearable art that I love!) I came across a delivery truck parked outside the Manhattan Mall. Everybody who has ever come from an urban setting is familiar with the element of graffiti. In all my life, though, I had never seen it done so impeccably. It was like a mural stretching along the sides and back of the truck!

While artwork like this naturally makes me cringe, I took the time to look it over before making any judgements. Lady liberty it covering her face with a gas mask so she won't inhale the fumes of the spray paint (which that work is made out of). The bottle is being held by a skull coming out of the mouth of an ancient Mayan dressed as a bird. Without even knowing the artist, I can tell he (or she) is very passionate about the message is this work. Everything is intentional.

Later on this week I went to SoHo (really lower Manhattan!) with my sister. Walking down the sidewalk I noticed this sculpture bolted in place in front of a vacant store. No name, no title, but still very beautiful. The metal has a textured design all over it. The wavy limbs seem to be dancing. I would call this piece, "The Ballet Dancer".  This was a nice surprise!


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