Thursday, June 20, 2013

The NYC Impressionista finds Art in Jersey! Part 1

Last week I had the opportunity to take a long desired break from the big city and visit...the Jersey Shore. Not the loud, hot, and garish side of it; but rather a quiet, sweeter side. In a town called Cape May, I found a mix of surf shacks and Victorian B & B's, as well as ice cream parlors and antique shops. My best friend and I stayed for a week at a hotel right across the street from the beach/boardwalk. While it rained for about half our stay, there were enough off-beach activities to interest us when sun bathing was out of the question!

In a number of posts, I will share the beautiful, humorous, and COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED Artwork I found during my trip. Hopefully it will surprise, entertain, and inspire you as it did me.

A couple of days into our vacation, my friend and I decided to heed the advice of Langston Hughes and take the road less traveled. At the time, it seemed a good idea to walk all the way to Sunset Beach from where we were staying on Beach Ave. While my feet did NOT thank me for this, I was able to capture some unexpected artwork, out in the middle of nowhere.

Walking down the road, we had to laugh at a sign we saw. You can tell by the picture how deserted the road was. Not a car or turtle in sight!

A couple miles later, we came upon something straight out of Wonderland. A checkers game that grew straight out of the ground! I kept expecting the Hatter to come waltzing from behind the next tree.
A mile afterwards, we were startled to find ourselves in the Wizard of Oz...
Who would have thought that you could find such whimsical artwork on a suburban route in Jersey??? I'm glad we had a camera!

Next post... the West End Garage, a gallery for local artists... its like walking into Etsy!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Giveaway! Autographed Copy of Wendy Williams New Book!

Here is my way of sharing my experience at Tavern 29 with you, my readers! At the event, TV talk show host (and much more), Wendy Williams, delighted Mamarazzi guests with a sparkling Q&A session surrounding her life and her new book. "Ask Wendy" is a culmination of letters and emails to which the author responds in witty, to the point paragraphs. The author herself said that the book was inspired by her Ask Wendy experience on the radio earlier in her career. Whether or not the questions pertain to you, the book is still an interesting read, I guarantee it!

lick for more info on Wendy's new book!

I will be giving away a brand new SIGNED COPY of "Ask Wendy", which I received at the event!
 a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Giveaway starts 6/7 and ends 7/20/13. US, 18+ Only. Thank you and good luck! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Art, Food, & Wendy Williams at Tavern 29

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to The Moms (mamarazzi) event, hosted at Tavern 29. Now while the guest, Wendy Williams, was both interesting and engaging to listen to I couldn't help but appreciate this venue as a perfect place to spend my afternoon, whether or not I had been invited. The small store front facade of the  restaurant is made of dark brown and tan. The staff were as nice as can be, giving us a smile and directing us up the stairs... to the roof!

As a New Yorker, I can tell you that one of the coolest places to be is hidden above eye view. On the rooftop gardens and terraces are hidden rustic red brick walls and big patches of open sky you can't take the time to notice as you rush along the sidewalk. At Tavern 29 they left the walls as they were, bare and red, with just a sprinkling of some artisticly placed german phrases and the name "Tavern 29"

Another interesting aspect of the rooftop was the rich, drippy interpretation of the German flag on its interior wood wall. I just had to take a picture.

I would definitely love to come back here again, whether for an evening under the stars or a party for a friend. The interior of the restaurant is both dark and cozy as well. As for the food, it was an edible masterpiece! Everything served was wonderful, from the Lox and cucumber brochette to the mini beef burgers. This place most definitely has so much to offer.

Next post... a GIVEAWAY!!! and more about Wendy Williams.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Anonymous Art Work in Manhattan

As I draw away from the poised and polished museum scene, I find the most under rated, interesting artwork along the streets of NYC. It makes me wish I had a mental digital camera, so I would never miss a chance to share it with someone else. While the artwork is not always beautiful, it always makes you stop and think. Who made this and why? Either way, as a viewer you can always come away with a deeper sense of the humanity you are a part of... if you look close enough.

While shopping for accessories down at 34th street last weekend (hey, jewelery is wearable art that I love!) I came across a delivery truck parked outside the Manhattan Mall. Everybody who has ever come from an urban setting is familiar with the element of graffiti. In all my life, though, I had never seen it done so impeccably. It was like a mural stretching along the sides and back of the truck!

While artwork like this naturally makes me cringe, I took the time to look it over before making any judgements. Lady liberty it covering her face with a gas mask so she won't inhale the fumes of the spray paint (which that work is made out of). The bottle is being held by a skull coming out of the mouth of an ancient Mayan dressed as a bird. Without even knowing the artist, I can tell he (or she) is very passionate about the message is this work. Everything is intentional.

Later on this week I went to SoHo (really lower Manhattan!) with my sister. Walking down the sidewalk I noticed this sculpture bolted in place in front of a vacant store. No name, no title, but still very beautiful. The metal has a textured design all over it. The wavy limbs seem to be dancing. I would call this piece, "The Ballet Dancer".  This was a nice surprise!

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