Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Hunter College MFA show featured Artist Part 2

As the evening progressed, I found that artwork could be found not only in, but outside the studios...and in the hallways.

Leaving another interesting studio space, I took a moment to check my phone in the hall. Suddenly, I here a soft mechanical wurring sound behind me. hmmm... must be the air vents, right?
I turn around and almost run smack into THIS--

                                               So I jumped.
                                               A little.

After I got over the surprise, all I wanted to do was figure out what it was, and how it worked. A paper stuck on its head marked it as "Charlie Hobbs #509". As it turns out, Charlie isn't only the name of our friend here, but of the artist who made him (also Charles Hobbs). The artist himself told me how he was able to put visual sensors on "Charlies" feet to keep him from bumping into anything, or one, that came in his path. While visiting his studio, I found that the imagination and smarts behind Charlie #509 extended into the rest of the artists work. All the work I saw can be found at

It is definitely worth looking at (particularly his ladder pieces).

As I was leaving the show, I ran into a dead end in the hallway and found something interest (see below)... a hand drawn...mural??? hmm...

 One thing is for certain, you will never know where artwork will show up!

So, what do you see in wall? What do you think about the artists shown? comment below!

A special thank you to all the artist at the MFA program for opening their doors! Its no easy feat!
I would like to also personally thank...
Maureen St. Vincent
Brandon Matthis
Brian Dulaney
Nick Doyle
and Charlie Hobbs

whose work I was able to enjoy. Look out for these artist in the future!!


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