Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Hunter College MFA show featured Artists Part 1

This Friday I went to see the open house at the MFA building for Hunter College. This means that all the in house artists graciously opened the doors of their studios for the public to come and see. Through out the next couple of posts, I will exhibit the work of a couple of artists I was privileged to meet. ALL ARTWORK IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF THE ARTIST MENTIONED WITH IT.

Oh, another thing I would like to mention is...don't be intimidated by the weird locations of art shows you find advertised. Yes, it was in a college MFA building. Yes, it was behind the Port Authority. But the work I saw their is from the most up and coming artists, unhindered by the guidelines and expectations of a professional museum or gallery space. Shows like this are jewels in the art world, and not to be missed!

So picture this...
I take a rickety elevator up to the fourth floor of the building, and the door opens into a wide, bright space. The entire floor is partitioned into small rooms, each housing the minds and materials of each artist. There are no security guards to offer information or to intimidate you, either way. You are allowed to wander free from room to room, at your own bidding. I go into one room, looking for a friend of mine. She's not there, so I am forced to be adventurous and look around. Going by one room, I see a Huge. Red. Neon. Sign. that reads "Steven" (Steve?). What on earth??

I go into the studio and completely forget the neon sign exists. I am attracted to the scent of wood emanating from the numerous sculptures around the space. It is the work of an artist named Nick Doyle.

And my favorite....

Here are some links to his work outside of the MFA scene, some that you saw in my shots, and some entirely different. What do you think about his work? Anybody?


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