Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Hunter College MFA show featured Artist Part 2

As the evening progressed, I found that artwork could be found not only in, but outside the studios...and in the hallways.

Leaving another interesting studio space, I took a moment to check my phone in the hall. Suddenly, I here a soft mechanical wurring sound behind me. hmmm... must be the air vents, right?
I turn around and almost run smack into THIS--
                                               So I jumped.
                                               A little.

After I got over the surprise, all I wanted to do was figure out what it was, and how it worked. A paper stuck on its head marked it as "Charlie Hobbs #509". As it turns out, Charlie isn't only the name of our friend here, but of the artist who made him (also Charles Hobbs). The artist himself told me how he was able to put visual sensors on "Charlies" feet to keep him from bumping into anything, or one, that came in his path. While visiting his studio, I found that the imagination and smarts behind Charlie #509 extended into the rest of the artists work. All the work I saw can be found at

It is definitely worth looking at (particularly his ladder pieces).

As I was leaving the show, I ran into a dead end in the hallway and found something interest (see below)... a hand drawn...mural??? hmm...

 One thing is for certain, you will never know where artwork will show up!

So, what do you see in wall? What do you think about the artists shown? comment below!

A special thank you to all the artist at the MFA program for opening their doors! Its no easy feat!
I would like to also personally thank...
Maureen St. Vincent
Brandon Matthis
Brian Dulaney
Nick Doyle
and Charlie Hobbs

whose work I was able to enjoy. Look out for these artist in the future!!

The Hunter College MFA show featured Artists Part 1

This Friday I went to see the open house at the MFA building for Hunter College. This means that all the in house artists graciously opened the doors of their studios for the public to come and see. Through out the next couple of posts, I will exhibit the work of a couple of artists I was privileged to meet. ALL ARTWORK IS THE SOLE PROPERTY OF THE ARTIST MENTIONED WITH IT.

Oh, another thing I would like to mention is...don't be intimidated by the weird locations of art shows you find advertised. Yes, it was in a college MFA building. Yes, it was behind the Port Authority. But the work I saw their is from the most up and coming artists, unhindered by the guidelines and expectations of a professional museum or gallery space. Shows like this are jewels in the art world, and not to be missed!

So picture this...
I take a rickety elevator up to the fourth floor of the building, and the door opens into a wide, bright space. The entire floor is partitioned into small rooms, each housing the minds and materials of each artist. There are no security guards to offer information or to intimidate you, either way. You are allowed to wander free from room to room, at your own bidding. I go into one room, looking for a friend of mine. She's not there, so I am forced to be adventurous and look around. Going by one room, I see a Huge. Red. Neon. Sign. that reads "Steven" (Steve?). What on earth??

I go into the studio and completely forget the neon sign exists. I am attracted to the scent of wood emanating from the numerous sculptures around the space. It is the work of an artist named Nick Doyle.

And my favorite....

Here are some links to his work outside of the MFA scene, some that you saw in my shots, and some entirely different. What do you think about his work? Anybody?

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Who woulda thunk? Art made out of Post-Its

As a native New Yorker, I'm pretty sure that if you look hard enough, you can find anything here. My latest impression of the art seen was observed in a pop-up store/gallery near Lafayette street (next to Chinatown). I was graciously invited to the Post-It event by another blogger, who happened to be a good friend of mine. At first, I wanted to give her a flat out no. Why did I need to go to this event? Sigh...its amazing what I could have missed out on. In this case, I learned that art can be found in the most unexpected places, and in the oddest materials you could imagine!

 This wall piece looks inspired by the "pop" art prints, like those from the 1950s, made by artist like Andy Warhol! All out of Post-it's.

The gentleman who was presenting these new over-sized post-its (pretty cool, huh?) told me that these drawings were made by NYC artists just for the event.  
This is perhaps the coolest work I saw, though. The artist, Robert Mann, developed 3D post it designs and placed them over a light box (usually used by photographers to see through negatives)! The effect is floral and marine-like at the same time. Absolutely beautiful!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

C'est très chic! ~ Impressionism, Fashion, and Modernity at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has breached the gap between fashion and art with this show! As an artist, I find it very interesting in how modern life reflects art, and art reflects modern life. In the time of the Impressionists (think Claude Monet, Eduoard Manet, Frederic Bazille, and so on) a writer and art critic named Charles Pierre Baudelaire called for "Painters of modern life". One way that many artists did this was by painting the modern Parisian scenes, with modern Parisian people, wearing, of course, modern Parisian clothing

This shows shows antique gown and suits that date back to the early 19th century. You can not imagine how tiny the women were at that time! No wonder they could create such extravagant looking gowns. Many of the dresses displayed can be seen worn by models in the paintings presented. It is an incredible way of bringing the viewer in touch with the human stories behind the work on the walls. The show closes in May, but I guarantee that its worth taking time to see  in the next couple of weeks! I saw older adults, teenagers, and little girls wearing barrets and Mary-janes walking around in the gallery. This show will interest and entertain almost anyone!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Travel that satisfies your craving for Art!

If you plan on traveling to any big city in the USA, here's a way to spice up your trip!

Find an interesting art gallery to go to, instead of visiting the mammoth museums (aka tourist traps). Trust me, you'll have a lot more fun entering a quiet gallery off the beaten path, without one hundred other people stepping on your toes or a terse security guard telling you, "step AWAY from the ropes ma'am!" Another plus to visiting low key galleries is the abundance of dining options. As a New Yorker, I can tell you that any eatery worth your time is at least four LOONNGGG avenues down from the fancy museums on 5th Avenue. At galleries in the neighborhoods of lower Manhattan, good food can be found outside the door!

Last week, I visited the Peter Freeman Gallery on Grand Street (see here) to see an amazing artist, Catherine Murphy! She is also a native New Yorker, and works out of Poughkeespsie, NY. Her work is like storybook realism, it so detailed!

                                              Snowflake 2010 by Catherine Murphy

The extra treat was that I was right next to Chinatown, where both Little Italy and incredible Chinese food reside.

All you need to do is look up a show that's running during your visit, and you can make a whole day out of exploring the art, food, and color of the New York Neighborhood it belongs to. Trust me, you won't regret it!


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